Samsung Galaxy S IV launch sees price of Galaxy S III reduce dramatically

The upcoming launch of the latest Samsung flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, is a keenly anticipated event the world over. This is despite the fact that it has been barely a year since the previous flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S III got launched to raving reviews, and that the Galaxy S IV is a barely incremental update to the flagship phone from last year. Despite all that, the impending release of the S IV has seen the prices of the S III crash rather intensely, and that is without taking into account the fact that the upcoming S IV has not actually released yet.





There is no doubt about the fact that the price drop for the Galaxy S III was coming soon, as is the case when any new flagship in a company’s oeuvre usurps the older one. Every iPhone sees a price drop when the new one releases. To get a sense of perspective, the iPhone 4 (that is 2 generations old) is offered free with a contract now, although it was the primary iPhone from Apple until just a couple of years back. But the entire issue is interesting in the case of the Galaxy S III as its price drop is much sharper than an iPhone 4S, for instance. It got a drop of a whopping $68 on its off contract price, and some carrier, such as Sprint, are now offering the S III at a measly $9.99 with a contract!


While the Galaxy S IV may or may not be the kind of success that the S III has proved to be since its launch, but this price drop ensures that even if Samsung doesn’t manage to convince users to adopt the S IV in droves, its S III will still keep the sales figures going strong.




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