Popular Mailbox app for iPhone coming to iPad soon

The Mailbox email client app for the iPhone has been one of the biggest hits in the App Store for an app that wasn’t a game, in quite some time. However, it has unfortunately been available to only iPhone users. In a Twitter Q & A with its followers, Mailbox made its plans about an upcoming iPad optimized Mailbox quite clear from official Twitter handle, @mailbox, along with a desktop version that was apparently ‘in the roadmap’ as well.





Few apps have ended up getting as much hype around them as Mailbox did at its launch. With the way it simplified email to hitherto unseen levels, it was much awaited right from the time the first details about it started pouring in. The demand for it eventually got so excessive around its launch that the Orchestra Inc., the devs behind Mailbox, decided to launch a reserve and wait system in order to ease the load on their servers. Eventually, the waiting periods went past a week for millions of people, none of whom had even used to app before to be as desperate for it as they turned out to be.

March 2013 saw Dropbox Inc. eventually take over Orchestra Inc., as well as Mailbox, and the waiting periods were slashed right away to an instant install and use. Clearly, the core abilities of Dropbox itself – its servers and cloud storage infrastructure – meant that server overloads were no longer a problem for Mailbox.


The Mailbox has been accused of having some security flaws in the last week or so, but all in all, it is an incredibly impressive email client for all Gmail users, and no iPad owner will be complaining about getting it on their tablets. For now, you can download the iPhone version from the App Store here.

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