iOS 7 to see major change in design?

John Gruber from the Daring Fireball has managed to uncover a couple of details about the upcoming iOS 7 – the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system that has been shrouded in complete secrecy. The first is about what it could look like, and the second is that its development has been running well behind schedule.



iOS 7 is being rather keenly awaited by the tech world (and the hordes of iPhone and iPad owners across the USA, and the world) because there is an expectation that Apple may finally step out of its comfort zone in iOS and try to revamp the looks and features of it for the first time since its very launch. Until now, each version of iOS, right up to iOS 6, has been an iterative attempt to correct minor issues, along with some patches for greater usability (and occasionally, some headliners such as the Notification Center and the Maps apps).


According to Gruber, iOS engineers have been trying to put a lid on the kind of leaks that have plagued iOS launches before this by putting a protective filter on their iPhones whenever they go it. This filter apparently closes down viewing angles, preventing onlookers from peeping into the engineers’ screens and figuring out what has changed in the iOS versions powering them. This is a result of Sir Jony Ive finally putting some visual tweaks in the iOS UI at long last, and the changes are significant enough for them to resort to such desperate measures.


Moreover, the development of iOS 7 has been lagging so far behind schedule that Apple has had to reallocate engineers from the OS X 10.9 team to the iOS team in order to get the development schedule back on track.


While there hasn’t been a great deal revealed by this rumor, all thanks to the secretive nature of how Apple is going about all this, it could make for an interesting new update to the good old iOS after all.



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