Google Chrome for iOS gets an update

Google Chrome has swiftly turned into the leading alternative in popularity stakes to the Safari browser on iOS. Despite some Apple created restrictions for 3rd party browsers, Chrome has managed to be comparable in the speed stakes to the native Safari, despite getting to use an inferior rendering engine to that of the Apple browser. Now, Google has added in a couple of new features in Chrome that are bound to make it even more popular than it already is.






The very first new feature brought in with the new update for the Chrome browser is a full screen mode for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You need to simply scroll the toolbar off the screen to get the omnibar and refresh button out of the way of the online content that you are accessing. With an extra bit of real estate, it is a lot easier to go through more content faster with Chrome in this new update. This gets even more necessary in the case of the pre-iPhone 5 devices, which had 3.5 inch screens. Every extra half inch or two counts in a scenario like that. When you’re done with the full screen mode and need to switch tabs or type in the omnibox, all you need to do is scroll back down!


Another crucial new feature is the ability to print web pages with either Apple’s own AirPrint or Google’s Cloud Print, along with the ability to save web pages as PDF files in Google Drive.


You can get the update from the App Store here.

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