Gameloft releases Iron Man 3 game for iOS

Marvel Studios has been having a fairytale run in the box office for a few years now, with the likes of The Avengers, Captain America and Thor all doing rather well in the box office. However, their latest big budget special, Iron Man 3, is the second sequel to the movie that really changed Marvel’s fortunes (and rejuvenated the careers of its lead actors Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow) in Hollywood – Iron Man. With less than a week to its May 3 launch date in the United States, the famous developer company Gameloft has taken on the reins to create the official iOS game to tie in with the movie, and has just launched Iron Man 3 as a freemium title in the App Store.





The Iron Man 3 game is quite different from its on screen avatar, to put it mildly. It is best described as an endless flyer – something that you’d get if you were playing a game like Agent Dash where the Agent had a suit on and could fly. There are plenty of drones, stray falling aircraft and hordes of missiles to make sure you don’t stay in air for too long. When that eventuality does come around the corner, the true nature of the game comes forth – after every crash, your suit apparently needs time to ‘recover’/ get repaired. All you can do it wait and watch while the loading bar is complete, unless you shell out a significant amount of money to pay for in-app purchases.


The long and short of all this is that Iron Man 3 fails quite miserably at being a memorable, or even a decent game for iPhones and iPads. The extremely tedious gameplay is bad enough, but the constant nags and frustration involved with the in app money is a big pain in itself. In any case, if you’re taken in the hype surrounding the movie of the same name, there isn’t much to lose by missing the download for a game like this.



Download the official Iron Man 3 iOS game by Gameloft from the iTunes App Store link here.

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