Feedly gets some major changes in its latest update

Feedly is an RSS reader that has come into some sharp focus following Google’s announcement that it’d be shuttering off its Google Reader RSS Service. Given that Google Reader happened to be the backbone of pretty much every RSS app in both the iOS App Store and Google Play, this has led to severe problems for plenty of RSS app devs. However, Feedly is arguably the biggest of them all, and it has planned to take matters into its own hands and create a proper RSS processing backend solution to replace Google Reader all by itself. With its ever increasing popularity now, Feedly has just launched an update that improves an already impressive app to a couple of notches higher.





Feedly has gained millions of users since Google made its infamous and wildly unpopular announcement. With its magazine like UI, it offers a far, far better user experience than the staid old Google Reader ever did. In fact, there is little to separate it from the likes of Flipboard, despite the latter having as much fanfare as it does for its interface.


In any case, the changes brought in by the new Feedly update include much improved save for later and sharing features. Pocket integration is a lot less unwieldy this time around, and it makes it a lot easier to add articles to read later in the popular service that was formerly known as Read It Later pro.

There is a Must Read section added in as well, quite like The Feature (Editor’s picks) in Instapaper. It gives you easy access to the most popular articles being read on Feedly.

You can now pull to refresh your RSS feed, quite like how it’s done in Twitter apps. There have been various bugs like the random logout issue fixed as well.


Get Feedly from the App Store here.

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