Facebook Home could make its way to the iPhone soon

Facebook Home was launched with a major splash by Facebook Inc., as the social networking behemoth touted it to be a way to make any Android phone a Facebook phone. After all the years of rumor mongering regarding the release of a Facebook phone, Facebook played it safe and created an Android home screen launcher instead (along with a mid range smartphone from HTC that had Facebook Home baked into it).





The launch of the app raised three questions though. The first was, when would Facebook bring Home to the general Android phone using public (given that so far it is only available for a handful of flagship phones from HTC and Samsung)? Secondly, would it make its way to Android tablets? And thirdly, would Facebook try to make Home a reality for even locked down operating systems such as Windows Phone and iOS? According to Facebook’s director of products, Adam Mosseri, talks are underway between the Mark Zuckerberg led company and representatives from both Apple and Samsung, in order to make Facebook Home come to devices powered by the two companies’ operating systems.



Mosseri said, “We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation.” He went on to say that the iOS version of Facebook Home would be tailor made to Apple’s own design vision for iOS. He admitted that this could lead to Home being a whole new beast on iOS compared to its present Android version.


Facebook Home has met with underwhelming reviews from reviewers on Google Play, but some of its features (such as Chat Heads) are inarguably quite useful and well thought out. A good chunk of iPhone owners are probably Facebook addicts, and that means that Home can’t come soon enough on their devices for them!



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