EA’s Real Racing 3 updated: New cars, a new racing mode and more!

Electronic Arts may have just received the title of being the worst company in technology this week, but they have proved time and again that when they get things right with a game, it tends to be pretty awesome more often than not. Real Racing 3 is a case in point. Its free to play pricing model (with hefty in app purchases) was met with derision initially, but the game itself is a joy to look at as well as to play. Now, EA has just updated its Real Racing 3 for iOS, and it brings in a host of new features.





The biggest issue with the in app payments in Real Racing 3 is that they are almost ridiculously expensive. In order to buy a new car, for instance, you could either choose to play the EA game for plenty of hours at a stretch to earn the in app money, or you could purchase the car you want by itself. Thankfully, the new update brings in a number of new cars from Chevrolet, including the Cobalt SS and Camaro ZL 1. They are fairly inexpensive, and represent decent options for anyone looking for an alternative to the existing car manufacturers available in the game.


The newly updated app also brings in a new game mode that is called the Hunter Mode. You essentially need to chase down and overtake a designated Hunted car, all within a single lap!


There are also plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements to be seen in this update. Get it from the App Store here.

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