Apple removes AppGratis from the App Store

AppGratis is one of the most popular app discovery services for the iTunes App Store by some distance. The company, founded by Simon Dawlat, crossed a whopping 10 million users back in February, but the fact that it is a hit app has not seemed to deter Apple from pulling AppGratis from the App Store yesterday.





Although no official reason for this issue has been given yet, a lot of speculation points it to the fact that Apple has a rule that makes it illegal for apps to have any kind of content curation methods that mimic the type seen in the App Store itself. In its exact words, “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.” Apple has been implementing this borderline draconian rule for quite some time now, as it was initially buying over developer companies with content discovery apps, and now has moved on to locking them out of the App Store altogether. AppShopper was the first to go this way (and has yet to find a way back into the App Store, showing the gravity of this situation), and AppGratis turns out to be the latest to be under the cosh for the same reason.


Of course, existing users (and there are plenty of them) can still use AppGratis on their devices without any issues. But until this gets sorted out, old users will not get updates for it, and new users will not even get to use AppGratis.




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