Next 9.7 inch iPad expected to be considerably thinner and lighter than before

Apple has been attracting even more excessive attention from the rumor mill this time around, with regard to its plans for its next generation of devices. The popular narrative is that Apple has stagnated in its comfort zone, in terms of both design and software, and the next set of iOS devices will be revolutionary in more ways than one. Hence, there are widespread expectations of a low cost iPhone coming soon (although it seems completely contradictory to Apple’s business model), a high resolution iPad Mini (given that the current first gen one has a rather abysmal display), an iOS powered smart watch (which despite being just a rumor has apparently compelled the likes of Samsung and LG to start working on their own smart watch prototypes), and lastly, the full size 9.7 inch iPad. According to the well known analyst Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities, the next gen 9.7” iPad will be 25% lighter, and 15% thinner, and will be released in the third quarter of 2013.






There have been rumors going on for a while now that the upcoming 9.7” iPad would adopt many of the design principles of the iPad Mini – especially its thin profile, and almost nonexistent bezel. The claims made by Mr. Kuo seem to fall in line with that – Apple does seem to be trying to make the full size iPad a bit more portable, hard as that may be. Given that sales figures indicate the iPad Mini cannibalizing on the sales of the full size iPad, Apple would certainly like the difference between them to be based only on price, and not on external factors such as design form and portability.



With an A7X SoC expected, there could be a lot of power under the hood in the new iPad (though that could be tempered by the fact that the battery size will need to be compromised in order to make it thinner), and that could possibly further its cause of being a true PC replacement.



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