Temple Run: Oz released for iOS for $0.99

Disney has a big budget summer movie coming up soon. It’s called Oz the Great and the Powerful, and it is apparently a prequel to the legendary Wizard of Oz movie from 1939 starring Judy Garland. In order to promote the film, Disney have teamed up with Imangi Studios yet again to launch a movie tie in called Temple Run: Oz.



Disney and Imangi are no strangers – their previous collaboration was Temple Run: Brave – a game that got a mixed reception at best, as its overly detailed environments made even the most powerful smartphones and tablets across iOS and Android groan. However, in Temple Run: Oz, the game mechanics and design influence of Imangi’s brilliant Temple Run 2 are clear for everyone to see. It looks absolutely stunning pretty often, and there will be times when you should be concentrating on what’s up ahead for you on the famous yellow brick lane, but the breathtaking game design end up almost distracting you!


To stay true to the film, there are some unique touches thrown into Temple Run: Oz. There are times when you’ll be high up in the clouds in an air balloon, and you will have to swipe your way out of obstacles up there, before there’s a sudden change of scenery and then you’re back to the brick lane. Moreover, demon-like flying monkeys (?) are often swooping down on you, and you really need to watch out for them.


All in all, it’s a game that’s worth a shot, and at $0.99, it is certainly very cheap. Download it from the App Store here.

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