Samsung Galaxy S IV smokes iPhone 5, Xperia Z and BB Z10 in benchmark tests

Android Authority has performed benchmark tests following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and the scores from those tests have thrown up some interesting results. In a comparison with the latest and greatest models of smartphones from Samsung’s biggest competitors – Apple, Sony & HTC, the Samsung Galaxy S IV has come out on top very, very comfortably.





The Samsung Galaxy S IV does not seem like the biggest update to the popular Samsung Galaxy S III to a layman, but Samsung has been at work on the innards of the smartphone – bringing in a set of hardware specs that are simply impossible to match.


This is seen in comparisons with one of the newest Android phones on the block – the Xperia Z that has come out of the stables of Sony. It is a powerful phone in its own right, but in the Antutu benchmark test, the phone from the Japanese manufacturer scores a little above 20000, while the Samsung Galaxy S IV is a shade below 27000!


Other Android phones don’t even hold a candle to the Samsung phone, despite being released in the last few months. Samsung’s own Note 2 and Galaxy S III languish well below 20000, as does Google and LG’s much acclaimed Nexus 4 smartphone.


The 1.9 Ghz Snapdragon 600 processor that powers the Samsung Galaxy S IV blows non Android competition out of the water as well. In the Geekbench test used to compare Android phones with those from other platforms, both the iPhone 5 and Blackberry Z10 came up well short.


All that remains to be seen now is whether the Samsung Galaxy S IV is able to make as much of a splash in sales counters across the world as it has in benchmark tests here!


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