Real Racing 3 launched for the iPad and iPhone

The Real Racing franchise has been the epitome of quality racing simulation games for iOS devices in the App Store, with both Real Racing 1 and Real Racing 2 being among the most popular and realistic games in the racing genre for the mobile platform. The first two iterations of the series were developed by an independent Australian dev company named Firemint – a company that got taken over by Electronic Arts a couple of years back. Now, Real Racing 3 is the first title to be released in this series since that takeover, and it has hit both iOS and Android at the same time. What is more incredible is that EA has slashed the game’s standard $4.99 price, and made it free to play (with in app purchases)!


The free to play nature of Real Racing 3 is incredible for two reasons – the first is that Real Racing has been a series that has been considered premium enough by the buying public for it to be extremely popular right since the first iteration’s launch. The second is that Electronic Arts aren’t exactly known for adopting the free to play (freemium) model of app distribution for their more high profile titles, and all in all, the entire situation seems to be rather unprecedented on multiple levels.


Coming to the game itself, it has some incredibly detailed visuals – arguably the best in class – but given that this entire franchise has made a habit of stretching the boundaries of great graphics, it almost seems to be par for the course! The in app purchases are annoying, as always, but aren’t as invasive as they tend to be in practically every freemium game. Moreover, given that this is an exceptional game to be getting to play for free in the first place, it seems a tad unfair to complain much in the first place!


You can download Real Racing 3 from the App Store from the link here.

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