Original ‘Angry Birds’ game goes free for both the iPhone and the iPad for the very first time

Angry Birds is a game that has caught the imagination of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It has gone from being a simple game released by a struggling independent game developer called Rovio into a massive corporation, and the game itself has turned into a big franchise in itself. But what’s most amazing is the fact that Rovio had never made the original Angry Birds game free for even a limited period of time (as most developers choose to during festive times), and it still managed to be the most downloaded game of all time. Now, Appsfire has managed to reveal that Angry Birds for the iPhone and Angry Birds HD for the iPad really has gone free at long last after all!




Angry Birds has always been priced at $0.99 since its launch in 2009, while Angry Birds HD for the iPad has been quite expensive, at $2.99. These games did have free versions, but they were limited to only a few levels at most. This is quite unlike the approach Rovio had taken with Android, where Angry Birds was always free but ad supported from the very beginning.



In any case, Angry Birds may be passe for most mobile gamers now, but if you’ve just played the free version of the game and have wanted to go beyond the handful of levels available then, now’s your chance to get your hands on them.



Download Angry Birds for free for your iPod Touch and your iPhone from the App Store over here.

In case you want Angry Birds for your iPad, you need Angry Birds HD (as opposed to just the phone optimized Angry Birds mentioned above), and that’s available in the App Store in this link.

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