Mozilla announces its refusal to bring Firefox back to iOS

The ongoing SXSW in Austin, TX, had an interactive session with Mozilla’s Vice President of Product, Jay Sullivan, and it had a number of interesting tidbits thrown in that could pique a tech enthusiast’s interest. The most striking part about this discussion was the fact that Mozilla had no plans to bring in its popular Firefox browser back to the App Store for it to be used in iOS devices.




Apple has been adamant on restricting the abilities of third party browsers in iOS for quite some time now. The reason for this has been cited to be related to ‘security’, and it has been met with dismay by major browser app devs worldwide.


The issue lies in the fact that third party browsers are only allowed to implement an aging UI Webview component in their browsers. Not only does this make coding a lot more time consuming, but it also happens to be a case of Apple deliberately making sure that their Safari browser is the fastest around on an iOS course. Apple Safari uses the Nitro engine that is noticeably faster than any UI Webkit browser out there, and it has also decided to prevent those third party browsers from having engines of their own.


Firefox may just be a spec in the Chrome vs Safari battle in various mobile platforms, but Mozilla’s decision comes as especially daring.



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