New lockscreen bug discovered in iOS 6.1.3

The biggest change in iOS 6.1.3, as we had written earlier, was to fix major flaws and bugs that allowed malicious parties to get access to internal iPhone data, even while the iPhone itself was locked. The lock screen woes for iOS 6.1 seemed to have been done away with, or so it seemed, as a new exploit allows users to do the very same thing on locked screens.



Discovered by a YouTube user “videosdebarraquito”, the latest lock screen exploit is a lot more limited and restricted than the bug found for early iOS 6.1. It allows malicious people to access the entire address book stored in a locked iPhone. The same trick can also be used to access photos stored in a locked device. In fact, all it takes is to eject the SIM card using voice control on making a telephonic call.


Apple Insider’s own tests proved that the new iPhone – the iPhone 5 – was not prone to this new iOS 6.1.3 lock screen security flaw. This probably means that non Siri iPhones are the Apple devices that are affected by this strange bug.


When the screen is locked with a password, all that needs to be done is having to long press the Home Button first, and then using voice control to request a number to be dialed. As the call gets started, the sim card tray needs to be removed, as it makes the phone go back to the dialing screen. From there, all the other internal data such as contacts and photos are visible.


It is flaws like this which help jailbreaking tools exploit the loopholes in iOS. Even though Apple has tried to stamp out their presence by patches with every new update to iOS, it has been invariably leaving another option open for jailbreakers.




Source: Apple Insider

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