iPad Copy Paste Tutorial

Copying and pasting is an essential activity that comes into play when you use a device for browsing or typing emails and documents. This becomes even more crucial in the case of the iPad, as it is a device that is geared primarily towards those two very functions. Hence, read on to find out how to cut, copy and paste in your new iPad.





Copying and pasting doesn’t always work in apps. In fact, you simply can’t copy and paste from a vast majority of apps in the App Store. For instance, almost no news app allows you to copy paste (or at least, without taking on a significant amount of bother. Copying and pasting becomes useful in apps such as Safari, Notes, Mail, iWork, etc.


The easiest way to know whether an app supports copying is also the first step of copying text in iOS. You simply need to tap and hold the word(s) you want to copy. In case it / they get a magnifying glass hovering over, and the material gets highlighted, you’re good to go – it means that the text you’re looking to copy can in fact be copied from the app you’re using. If that doesn’t work out, the only way out is to perhaps consider taking a screenshot.


After you let go of your tap, you get a mini menu hovering over the material in place of the magnifying glass – a menu that asks you to choose between ‘Copy’, ‘Select All’ and ‘Define’. The terms are clearly self explanatory. Of course, you may not just want to select one single word in the material you’re trying to copy from, and in that case, tap outside the mini menu to get two extendable cursors surrounding the highlighted word.


In order to paste the text you’ve copied, you need to make sure that the place you’re pasting into is editable. For this to work out, you need to bring up the on screen keyboard, following which you can tap and hold the place you want to paste into, and you’ll get a mini menu again with a Paste option in there as well. That’s all you need to do!


Copying and pasting may not be any spectacular skill, but the iPad can be intimidating to new users who aren’t computer savvy, and especially not touchscreen savvy. This tutorial helps you to get around this hurdle before you start using your iPad full time!

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