Google Now for iOS video leaked on YouTube


iOS and Android users tend to be mutually exclusive sets of people, as their controlling companies (Apple and Google respectively) are almost the anti-thesis of each other in most respects.



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Nevertheless, Android has tended to be a platform where more experimental features tend to be baked in the operating system from the get go, and quite often, it comes off spectacularly well. A case in point would be the pull down notification center that got introduced into iOS eventually, and another example would be the critically acclaimed Google Now that got introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, a leaked video that purportedly demonstrates an iOS avatar of Google Now has been leaked on YouTube, and at the time of this writing, has been pulled from the Google owned website already.


Google Now introduced a card based system (that was later introduced into the Google+ app as well) that in effect predicted what you’d want to search for before you needed to. In case that sounds more in the realm of science fiction than reality, Google Now will surprise you. It can learn your favorite sports team and tell you about its most recent game, tell you what’s coming up in your schedule, let you know the directions to and from your office to home, local weather, and a lot, lot more – all with one swipe.


The most curious bit in all this is the fact that Google hasn’t made Google Now available to even the devices that run its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (let alone the older versions before it). Given that this is the single biggest feature in Jelly Bean, and the fact that Google Now will be available to iPhone and iPad users from even 2-3 generations before the previous ones, the problem of fragmentation in Android doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.





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