Gmail iOS app gets updated for both iPads and iPhones

Google has launched an update to the ubiquitous Gmail app for all iOS devices. The new version of the official Google mail client is numbered as 2.1, and brings in some new controls that help Gmail users save some time and get things done more quickly.



Gmail app users can now swipe left or right while viewing an email in order to navigate between different email conversations, instead of returning to the previous screen (i.e. the inbox) in order to do the same. This is a simple feature that doesn’t seem like anything earth shattering, but it is a hugely convenient way to get through a large number of unread mails in a jiffy. Swiping to navigate between mails has been around for a while in the Gmail app for Google’s own Android operating system, and it’s about time that it came to iOS as well.



The new Gmail iOS version also helps users take action on multiple emails at the same time. Simply selecting an email in the inbox enables edit mode, where a user can select more emails to club together in order to archive or delete all of them from an action bar.



You can download the new Gmail app for your iPad and / or iPhone for free from the App Store from this link. Do remember that regardless of the device you are downloading it to, you need a minimum of iOS 5.0 to get this update.

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