Flickr for iOS app gets hashtags in new update

The Flickr app for iOS underwent a major update a while back, as its core features and UI both got a significant facelift out of the blue. Flickr has clearly been trying to go more social with its new apps, and now, the latest update for Flickr on the iPhone has turned the usual tags system in it into hashtags, quite like bigger names such as Twitter.



One of the most overlooked names that come under Yahoo’s umbrella of companies is Flickr – the photo sharing website that was phenomenally popular a couple of years back, but has been a pale shadow of its old avatar as a niche product for some professional photographers. The most common kind of photography – that done for personal vacations, casual party pics and the like, has found new playgrounds, in the newer and more ‘social’ networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and the like. These services have no limits on the number of photos you can upload, and are a lot more accessible to a wider variety of social circles than Flickr.


However, with Yahoo embarking on a newly focused approach under their recently appointed CEO, Marissa Mayer, Flickr apps across a variety of platforms have undergone major updates to make them more social, and have also added the kind of casual features (such as filters) that made rivals like Instagram famous in the first place. Now, the new addition of hashtags in Flickr has made it as close to the likes of Twitter and Instagram as it has ever been, as photo discovery is easier than ever before now.


Download Flickr for your iPhone from the App Store from here.

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