Dropbox acquires popular iOS mail app Mailbox

Dropbox has been arguably the biggest name in cloud storage since its launch a couple of years back. Back then, it was a tiny company that Apple and Steve Jobs tried hard to acquire but were rebuffed in their attempts time and again. Apple went on to create a somewhat similar product of their own with iCloud, while Dropbox has gone from strength to strength, and has just flexed its muscle now with the acquisition of the high profile new iOS mail app called Mailbox.






Mailbox has been making waves in the tech circuit due to the hitherto unseen level of simplicity that it brought to the act of reading email on iPhones and iPads. True to its origins as a to-do app (called Orchestra to-do), email got a to-doesque treatment as well in Mailbox. Critics and the public alike have lapped it up to the point that the Mailbox team has struggled to keep up with the demand.


Now, with the acquisition by Mailbox, the 14 people in the Mailbox team will be joining the biggest name in personal cloud storage these days – Dropbox. A drastic reduction in waiting times for getting Mailbox activated (if there are any left at all) wouldn’t be surprising at all given the sheer amount of data Dropbox is presumably used to dealing with.


In the meanwhile, Mailbox is continue as a standalone app according to the official company blog from Dropbox. Hence, this acquisition seems to be a rare one where both parties have a huge amount to gain from – Dropbox gets to finally diversify from the pigeonhole it found itself in thanks to a quality product, while Mailbox gets a lot more server and backup power to ensure that the Mailbox experience isn’t compromised in any way.



Source: Wall Street Journal

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