Dolphin Browser for iPad updated to version 6.3

Mobotap’s Dolphin Browser has been a perennial favorite for both iOS and Android users. It has gone from a paid app with a 14 day trial in its ‘Dolphin Browser HD’ avatar to a fully free one on both platforms, and as a mobile browser it is quite unique in a multitude of ways. The browser’s latest update, one that has pushed its version number to 6.3, adds another impressive feature to its repertoire – the ability to apparently have 20 open tabs at the same time!




Mobile browsers tend to be almost over optimized these days for the low powered devices that are smartphones and tablets. Battery life has been a crucial limiting factor for mobile apps from day one, and hence, there tend to be software locks on the amount of memory and processing power that can be allocated to a single app.


The above point is rendered moot by the iPad, however. It is among the devices with the longest battery life across personal computers, smartphones and general tablets. Its specs are equivalent to low powered PCs found in shop shelves, and hence it seems to a tad unnecessary to apply the same resource restrictions on the iPad as, say, the iPhone.


However, so far Dolphin Browser for one allowed only 9 open browser tabs at a time, but with its latest version 6.3, it allows up to 20 in number. This may seem like overkill to plenty of people, but the iPad is being seriously adopted as a real productivity device, and features such as this in polished apps such as Dolphin Browser can help redefine what consumers expect from their tablets.

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