CBS launches iOS streaming app: Watch your favorite shows for free with a delay of just a week!

The CBS network has just launched an app in the App Store for iPhones and iPads called ‘CBS’, and this new app represents a relative easing to CBS’ frequently antagonistic stand against online content streaming technology. This new official app will let iOS users from the USA get access to almost all of the major names in CBS’ roster for free, just a week after each episode’s broadcast.





The TV series accessible from the new CBS app include the likes of NCIS, The Good Wife, How I Met Your Mother, Elementary, David Letterman, and a lot more. Other kinds of shows, such as daily shows, will be available after a 24 hour delay, instead of a week.


CBS has however not made this solution completely perfect. Its most popular show, The Big Bang Theory, pulls in tens of millions of viewers every week, and CBS has decided not to add it to the lineup of shows available with the CBS app. Moreover, the 1 week gap between broadcast and streaming is bound to get a bit too much for a lot of impatient users of the app. Clearly, CBS isn’t trying to even launch anything on the lines of Hulu, as all episodes of a season will not be covered by this app, nor will older seasons be available for viewing in bulk.


In any case, the new CBS app does represent a form of progress for a network that was infamously against alternative forms of online media consumption, and it may just be the first step in making cable cutters a lot less reliant on piracy as well.

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