Apple takes Samsung feud to the next level – hire Innolux to make iPad Mini displays

Samsung and Apple have been fighting a bitter and protracted legal battle in courts the world over, as they happen to compete in just about every segment of the tech world – especially phones and tablets. But the entire ground on which their antagonistic relationship is based has been queered by the fact that Samsung is the largest manufacturer of individual parts and components used in Apple products.


This strangely symbiotic relationship has mystified a great number of people, but it has ultimately benefited Samsung heavily, as it has been able to use economies of scale brought about by its huge Apple contracts in order to push forward with its own aggressive approaches to the Android smartphone and tablet markets.


Apple however may just be trying to move away from its dependence on Samsung, however. They are reportedly dropping Samsung and hiring a Taiwanese firm called Innolux for making iPad Mini displays.



"Innolux and China's Century Display will receive certificates for product qualification [from Apple] to supply [touch panels] for the iPad mini," is what David Hsieh, NPD DisplaySearch Greater China region vice president, had to say in quotes carried by the Taipei Times newspaper from Thursday.


Innolux is known for its ‘touch-on-display’ technology that makes icons and other parts of the on screen OS seem like they’re right at the surface of the touchscreen. Innolux has already worked with Apple on making the screens of the full sized iPad before this, and this has made them the perfect candidate to lessen the influence of Samsung in one more Apple product.




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