Tweetbot for iPad updated due to Twitter API changes

Tweetbot is a popular Twitter client for iOS devices that has just been updated to version 2.7.2. The changes in this update are bordering on minimal, but the real issue lies with Twitter’s much criticized API changes. These changes have made life for developers of 3rd party Twitter client apps extremely difficult, and version 2.7.2 of Tweetbot is meant to deal with that.



The new Twitter API guidelines basically made it impossible for 3rd party Twitter clients to use more than 100,000 tokens. This means that a maximum of 100,000 accounts could use a particular client that wasn’t Twitter’s official app, or its recent acquisition – Tweetdeck. Some of the more popular clients, such as Tweetbot, has already crossed the seemingly arbitrary 100,000 token barrier, and this let them get some more leeway – they were now allowed to have double their current users, beyond which they would be blocked out of Twitter’s API as well. These changes have severely crippled the burgeoning number of devs who spent their time trying to make Twitter apps that worked better than’s own app – an app which still leaves a lot to be desired, to put it mildly.


The official change log from the App Store listing for Tweebot for the iPad is as follows:


“What's New in Version 2.7.2

- Updated to use Twitter's 1.1 API

- Updated to meet Twitter's new UI requirements


Note: You MUST upgrade to Tweetbot 2.7.2 or later by March 5th, 2013. All previous versions will stop working due to Twitter API changes.”


You can get the new version of Tweebot from the App Store in the link here. Do note that you need to get this update by March 5, come what may, lest you want your older version of Tweebot to stop working entirely.

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