Skype for iPad gets updated to version 4.5

The Skype for iPad client has just received an updated, bumping it up to version 4.5. The new update brings in a host of improvements for the popular Voice Over Instant Protocol/Instant messaging client that make it imperative for you to get it right away!




The Skype app for iPad has been among the most popular iPad apps out there in the App Store. Given that it is an ubiquitous VoIP client for the vast majority of internet users, for both casual and power users, Skype has managed to have an enduring quality to its success.


The Skype app did have some annoying shortcomings, however.  The biggest one was the fact that there was no auto reconnect option. Given that many, many people lives in areas with either poor cellular reception or a weak/non existent WiFi signal, or both, Skype's decision to add auto reconnection is a godsend. Other bugs such as the order of one on one conversations has been resolved as well.


Here are the improvements in Skype's version 4.5 , according to its App Store listing:


What's New in Version 4.5



✓ Skype automatically reconnects a dropped call when your wifi or mobile network reception is poor


✓ Add money to your Skype account directly from the app to send SMS or call mobiles and landlines worldwide. Currently available in United States, United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Estonia.


✓ A simple swipe from the left of the screen opens your recent conversations in a new sidebar


✓ General fixes

One-to-one chats now appear in the correct order




You can download the new Skype for iPad app from the App Store here.

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