Shipping times for the iPad Mini improve in the US

Apple has been plagued by some crippling supply chain issues in its bid to make the iPad Mini the next big thing in the world of tablets. While it certainly didn't get much wrong in terms of drumming up demand for the tablet, it has not been able to cope up with the same demand when push came to shove, as the long shipping times for each iPad Mini unit seemed to indicate. From the looks of it though, customers may not have to wait nearly as long after all to get an iPad Mini that they have bought shipped to them.




Apple had done a fine job of promoting the iPad Mini and making it look like either a reasonable alternative to buying the iPad (for first time buyers), or a more portable and aesthetically pleasing device (for 9.7 inch iPad owners). The October launch of the Mini was preceded by an unprecedented level of hype and hoopla, but the mass excitement that followed was even more surprising given that the iPad Mini had been perceived by many as being a rather underwhelming device. Far from being dissuaded by opinions like that, the buying public lapped up the new Apple tablet to such an extent that its supply chain completely broke down, to the point that they possibly missed out on even more orders during the holiday season thanks to the waiting period.


Now, all the versions of the iPad Mini can be shipped within 1-3 days, which is a far cry from the wait times that exceeded a week even a couple of months back. Buying an iPad Mini has thus become quite a breeze.



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