Rope Escape: Review

There’s no dearth of side scrolling games for mobile these days, and it’s quite apparent that they enjoy immense popularity. The simple reason is that they are easy to learn, addictive, and are usually never ending, thereby providing hours of gameplay. Rope escape is another addition to this genre of mobile games, and is receiving quite a lot of praise from customers.



The aim of the game is simple, and as is mentioned in the game title, players have to control the character and help him escape by swinging on ropes. The premise of the game is not clear, and it hasn’t been mentioned that who are you running away from or why are you running. At the beginning of each game, the character is launched into air by a giant catapult, and after that you have to swing from object to object by attaching your rope to it. The game ends if at any point you fall on the ground. The rope can be attached to almost anything; trees, huge rocks, zeppelins, and even spaceships. Spaceships can only be found at high altitudes though, and are the fastest of all objects. The objective is to cover as much distance as possible, while collecting coins in the process.


There are 3 modes available; regular, time attack and rope limit. As the name suggests, in time attack you have to cover the greatest distance within the allotted time and in rope limit you have a limited number of ropes. Coins can be bought as in app purchases to buy upgrades, which basically help you achieve a higher score in the game. Rope escape is available free of cost on the App store.

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