Popular iOS game Infinity Blade is the new Apple App of the Week

Infinity Blade is arguably the premier gaming title for the iOS platform, and given the number of times it appears in Apple’s keynotes, it certainly is highly touted by the top echelons of the Apple hierarchy. Although one could argue that it has grown a bit long in the tooth, the first Infinity Blade is still among the best iOS games in the App Store, nearly 3 years since its launch (and that of a sequel as well). Hence, Infinity Blade’s fans (or iOS gaming fans in general) will be glad to know that it is the latest app to go free thanks to the Apple App of the Week scheme.




Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Infinity Blade is an RPG (Role Playing Game) with a hack’n’slash oriented gameplay. It has incredibly detailed game environments, arguably the best in class, and manages to tread the fine line between a completely linear storyline and an open sandboxed approach to the progression of the game.


You fight against enemy gladiators who usually are far bigger and have better weapons than the user controlled character, and it is up to the user to compensate for his / her playable character’s shortcomings with a mix of deft sword jabs and wild slashes at the enemy, all while being wily enough to dodge the crushing blows that rain onto you.


You can download Infinity Blade from the App Store here.

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