Mailbox for iOS launched

Orchestra’s Mailbox is one of the most highly anticipated apps to hit the App Store. For those who completely missed the buzz surrounding this app, Mailbox is an email management app, which employs a totally new approach to organize your inbox. Right now, the service is only compatible with Gmail, but support for other email service providers will come in due time.



The ability to snooze an email is probably the most talked about feature of Mailbox. If you encounter an email which you don’t want to deal with at the moment, you can swipe it left to send it into the snooze mode. You can then choose when you wish to be notified about that email, and Mailbox will send you a push notification about it and the email will reappear in the inbox. You can swipe an email to the right to delete it or archive it.


Another great feature of the Mailbox is its beautiful and highly polished design. It far more intuitive and feature rich than Apple’s default. Attaching and sending images is a breeze, and the threaded conversation view helps reduce clutter.


Although the Mailbox app has been launched on the App store, the service is still not available to all. The company’s servers can handle only so many users at a time. Mailbox has employed a reservation system and is offering activation to users on a first come first serve basis. There are already hundreds of thousands of users waiting in line, so unless you signed up months ago, you’ll have to wait for quite a long time to be able to use the service.

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