iPad 5 event scheduled in March, Piper Jaffray analyst claims: Let the rumors begin!

The hype machine that is the rumor mill preceding an Apple product launch is set to go into overdrive again, as an analyst from Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster, has claimed that Apple has scheduled an iPad 5 launch event within the next month or two!



With the launch of the iPad Mini in October, Apple seems to have gone into a two device per year launch model, as the Mini came out just 6 months after the launch of the 3rd gen iPad (with Retina display). This may have led to speculators putting two and two together and expecting Apple to come out with another iPad in the March - April period like it usually does.


In either case, Apple Insider has some quotes from the Piper Jaffray analyst in question - Gene Munster - regarding the prospects of seeing yet another iPad see the light of day in the next couple of months:



"We believe Apple could update the full-sized iPad to a body style similar to the iPad Mini. Additionally, we believe that the iPad Mini could get a Retina display, although that may happen later in the year given the supply constraints Apple faced on the Mini in the December quarter. The average time between the events has been 123 days, about 4 months. The longest amount of time between events since the 3GS launch in 2009 was 216 days (about 7 months), which was the gap between the iPad 2 launch in March 2011 and the iPhone 4S launch in October 2011."


As always, the only party that actually knows the truth of the matter is Apple itself, and it isn't exactly renowned for being very forthright about its upcoming devices. Munster's predictions have a certain degree of logic to them, but only time will tell how this plays out.


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