Apple iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 patches evasi0n jailbreak exploit

The evasi0n jailbreaking tool has managed to have an enduring quality to its popularity over the years, and the latest tool for iOS 6.1 was said to be the most popular jailbreak ever. Now, however, Apple has managed to kill the exploit used in evasi0n, as the latest beta version of iOS 6.1.3 has a patch that renders the evasi0n tool useless (at least till a new exploit is found, if at all).




David Wang, one of the evasi0n tool’s creators, had this to say about the new iOS beta to Forbes:

“...analyzed the 6.1.3 beta 2 update and found that it patches at least one of the five bugs the jailbreak exploits, namely a flaw in the operating system’s time zone settings. The beta update likely signals the end of using evasi0n to hack new or updated devices after the update is released to users, says Wang, who says he’s still testing the patch to see which other vulnerabilities exploited by the jailbreak might no longer exist in the new operating system.

“If one of the vulnerabilities doesn’t work, evasi0n doesn’t work,” he says. “We could replace that part with a different vulnerability, but [Apple] will probably fix most if not all of the bugs we’ve used when 6.1.3 comes out.” “



As the Forbes article points out, the tool reached an unprecedented level of popularity, as it was downloaded for 7 million devices within 4 days of its launch! It quite clearly shows that a tethered jailbreak is fast becoming an obvious choice for iOS device users who dislike the restrictions put into the operating system by Apple.

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