Temple Run 2 gets downloaded 20 MILLION times 4 days after being released in the App Store

Temple Run was the unexpected hit from Imangi Studios that has gone on to define the genre of casual mobile gaming, along with the likes of Angry Birds and the like. Pretty much everyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPad with some time to kill seemed to have Temple Run installed, made in app purchases, and effectively turned a rather basic game into a phenomenon of sorts. From the looks of it, its just released sequel, Temple Run 2, is a chip off the old block to say the least.





Temple Run 2 is quite clearly an attempt on Imangi Studios' path to finally update their bestselling game,though the very clear decision was to keep the core gameplay almost identical for the best part. Sure, there are plenty of new environments and hurdles that can make the gameplay quite different on a superficial level, but there is hardly any sense of conviction in revolutionizing the game here. But as the cliche goes, if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing, and Imangi has concentrated on the core features of Temple Run that made playing it extremely popular.


Temple Run 2 was downloaded a whopping 6 million times on launch day, and 20 million times in total in the 4 days. This is by far in excess of what more famous 'viral' apps like the Google Maps for iOS, and Angry Birds.


Here are the features of Temple Run 2:





★ Beautiful new graphics

★ Gorgeous new organic environments

★ New obstacles

★ More powerups

★ More achievements

★ Special powers for each character

★ Bigger monkey!!!





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