Reuters: Sharp cutting 9.7 inch iPad screen production

Reuters has said in a report that Sharp Corp has 'nearly halted' the production of 9.7 inch screens for Apple's ubiquitous iPad tablet. While the company itself is (naturally) evasive on the subject, Reuters' sources in the industry have claimed that "Sharp's iPad screen production line at its Kameyama plant in central Japan has fallen to the minimal level".





Reuters has pinned the reason for the sudden cut down on normal sized iPad screens on Apple's attempts to " keep the line running this month after a gradual slowdown began at the end of 2012 as Apple manages its inventory".


Then again, another school of thought trying to analyze these recent goings on at Sharp Corp points at the possible shifting of demand to the iPad Mini. The parties in question though are not ready to disclose the reasons behind this:



Company spokeswoman Miyuki Nakayama said: "We don't disclose production levels".

Apple officials, contacted late in the evening after normal business hours in California, did not have an immediate comment.




There are more possible explanations for this decision being thrown about now. Some claim that it's simply a seasonal drop off in demand - seasonal demand fluctuations affect products across numerous market sectors, and one could argue that this particular case in point is simply in the news because Apple (of all companies) is involved.


Moreover, Sharp has been a loyal ally for Apple though the years, but it has been in particularly bad shape in recent months. Apple may just be shifting its inventory and processes to a different supplier altogether. Given that no supplier apart from Sharp seems to be taking steps like this, it's a perfectly logical argument in itself.


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