iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 coming in March?

Apple drew plenty of flak for its decision to launch the fourth gen iPad barely six months after launching its predecessor, the third gen iPad. Apple's incredibly loyal fan base has always cited the longevity of the update cycles of iOS devices as one of their major reasons for sticking with Apple, as it was a breath of fresh air compared to the endless line of Samsung Galaxy / Motorola Droid branded smartphones and tablets that had updates churned out every 3 months or so. Hence, the latest reports emerging about Apple's plans for its next refresh of its iPad and iPad Mini are not going to amuse too many people.



The iPad Mini was a long rumored product that had been expected to release for quite a while, and had been expected to be Apple's answer to the increasingly popular budget tablet sector. While the iPad Mini proved to be quite pricey eventually, it was still wildly successful (like most Apple products nowadays). On the other hand, the 4th gen iPad, released at the same time as the iPad Mini, offered no distinct and unique advantage over its predecessor.


Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White had this to say about the entire matter:


"Our checks at CES indicate Apple will release the iPad 5 and the second-generation iPad mini this March. The iPad 5 is expected to be lighter and thinner than the iPad 4 that was released in October, while the form factor of the iPad mini should be similar to the first generation iPad mini that debuted in October."



This rumor may seem to be contrary to what Apple has done down the years, but 2012 showed that the Cupertino company isn't afraid to fix a few things in its products. Only time will tell whether this rumor does end up materializing after all.



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