Gorilla Glass 3 could be used in next iPad & iPhone

Corning Inc., the now famous manufacturer of the industry standard Gorilla Glass glass panels, has announced that it will be launching the latest version of its popular (and extremely damage resistant) alkali aluminosilicate sheet glass. Moreover, Gorilla Glass 3 will apparently be available in time for the next versions of Apple's own best sellers - the iPhone, and the iPad.




Corning was once a struggling American glass manufacturer that was fading into oblivion. And then, in 2007, the iPhone happened. All it took was a chance meeting with the Cupertino giant's CEO, Steve Jobs, for Corning to revive a shelved product. In a matter of time, the shelved product, nicknamed Gorilla Glass, went on to be so popular that a vast majority of top notch smartphone and tablet manufacturers use it to date. According to quotes from Walter Isacsson's biography on the late Apple icon:


John Seeley Brown, who was on the board of Corning Glass in Upstate New York, told him that he should talk to that company’s young and dynamic CEO, Wendell Weeks. Corning’s facility in Harrisburg, Kentucky, which had been making LCD displays, was converted almost overnight to make gorilla glass full-time. “We put our best scientists and engineers on it, and we just made it work.” In his airy office, Weeks has just one framed memento on display. It’s a message Jobs sent the day the iPhone came out: “We couldn’t have done it without you.”


Corning claims that Gorilla Glass 3 will be much stronger than Gorilla Glass 2, along with being thrice as scratch resistant as its predecessor. They claim that even at least 40% of the scratches that do occur on Gorilla Glass 3 screens will not visible to the naked eye.





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