Google Nexus 7 sales exceed that of the iPad in Japan holiday season

'Big in Japan' is an oft used (and abused) phrase used to describe fading or nondescript acts getting unexpectedly famous in the Far East. Google Nexus 7 though isn't exactly cut out from the same cloth, as it has been a raging success in almost all the markets it has been launched in, and now, it has zoomed past the sales of Apple's bestselling iPad in the Japanese holiday season!


Google collaborated with ASUS to bring in a never before seen combination of great features and low price in a tablet. Most tablets had till then either been premium priced (and gobbled up by the hulking giant that was the iPad), or priced at a budget while being woefully underpowered. The ASUS Google Nexus 7 (and the Amazon Kindle Fire, to a lesser extent) changed all that. Cutting edge firmware? Check. Good screen? Check. Amazing price? Double check!

The Nexus 7 has grown a bit long in the tooth by now, however. Its competition in the tablet has caught up in terms of both price and feature set, and it has launched a larger version (the Nexus 10) in the meanwhile as well.

But given its target demographic, the Nexus 7 has actually aged rather well. Google has ended up slashing its price even further as the months have gone on, and as it turns out, it is managing to undercut established and newer rivals like the Apple iPad even in major markets like that of Japan.

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