Facebook rolls out VoIP calling in Messenger for iOS in Canada

Facebook has been trying to make inroads into the instant messaging market for quite some time now. Although most people associate Facebook acquisitions with Instagram, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company had acquired Beluga, an IM service that used Facebook messages, and turned it into Facebook Messenger as we know it today. Messenger has proved to be one of the most popular apps in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, and now Facebook is trying to consolidate its popular app even further with free voice calling.






Facebook has started testing free voice calling  in iOS devices based in Canada. The rest of the world will only get the ability to send recorded voice messages in an update that is supposed to be just a while away from being launched at the time of writing this. As with all test runs, if Facebook's attempt at disrupting and entering the mobile VoIP market succeeds, it could give a whole lot of competing apps and wireless carriers endless headaches.


Free voice calling has a massive amount of growth potential in the foreseeable future. While the likes of Skype, Viber and Tango provide fully acceptable free VoIP solutions to iOS users for quite some time now, none of them come close to having the ubiquity that Facebook does. If the social networking company does manage to allow its massive user base  to talk over their data plans for free, it isn't hard to imagine it being the leader in this market in no time.



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