Apple could be planning to make a 128GB iOS device at long last!

Apple device users have often had a common complaint right from the early days of the iPhone - a lack of expandable memory. While Apple had good reasons to avoid flash memory (witness the scores of Android devices around that get slowed down to a crawl thanks to 10s of GBs added in , in the form of microSD cards), it was a bit annoying that Apple decided not to offer a 128 GB version of even its much vaunted 'post PC' device - the iPad tablet. However, from the looks of it, early leaks in the iOS 6.1 developer code seem to indicate that Apple may have a 128 GB device lined up at some point in the future after all.



Apple has pushed its iCloud service as a substitute for on device storage for quite some time now, but given that cellular reception isn't always brilliant in many parts of the country (let alone, the rest of the world), the option of shelling out some extra bucks for a device with much more memory seems to make more sense.


iDownloadBlog was the first to discover the addition of the 128 GB option in the list of supported devices in iOS 6.1 dev code. While it is hardly a foregone conclusion that the very next generation of Apple devices will be having a 128 GB variant, it does show that Apple is tuned in to the possibility of launching a device with a considerably large storage capacity after all.

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