Tumblr’s native app for iPad and iPad mini released

As surprising as it might sound, the widely popular microblogging service, Tumblr had no official app for iPad until now. So far, iPad users had to turn to the mobile web version of the service on their Mobile Safari, which had tons of limitations. During the course of last year, Tumblr released major upgrades to the iPhone version of their app. A native version of the app was released which was easier to use and much faster than the previous versions.



Once the iPhone app had been perfected, it was only a matter of time before a full-fledged iPad version of Tumblr came out, and it did come out last week. The new app is several times faster than the web version, and allows you to reblog and follow new blogs with single touches.


The app also comes with a sidebar for navigation, which makes it a lot easier to access various features. The app also has landscape view support, which particularly improves the photo viewing experience within the app. Other useful features include the ability to reblog while being offline, and access to the device camera from within the app.


Overall, the new Tumblr app is feature rich, easy to use, has faster load times and uses the full real estate of the iPad screen. Regular bloggers have been requesting for a long time, and this app can be considered to be Tumblr’s own way of wishing them Merry Christmas.

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