'Pudding Monsters' - a new game from the creators of the Cut the Rope series

Cut the Rope had been a simple puzzle game from an indie Russian developer called Zepto Labs that made it big - very, very big. The simplicity of the game play, the occasionally brilliant art work and the game's sheer ability to just be addictive across multiple devices of varying shapes and sizes made it one of the runaway mobile gaming hits of all time. Now, Zepto Labs has moved on beyond Cut the Rope to launch a new game - one that they have named 'Pudding Monsters' .





Pudding Monsters is a puzzle game with cute monsters at its core, much in the vein of Zepto Labs' Cut the Rope. Players are faced with a series of physics based challenges in Pudding Monsters, much like Cut the Rope again, but this time, there are a number of rather noticeable differences in the game play.


The one eyed blobs / 'monsters' move around in the game, either stopping on hitting an obstacle, or fusing into others of their kind. Just like Cut the Rope again, your scores are decided by the number of stars you can acquire from the room before you are done with a level.


All the similarities to Cut the Rope make Pudding Monsters a lot more challenging than it should be for a new player. That is not a consequence of an overwrought challenge system, but instead is the effect of how different the game play of Pudding Monsters is compared to  its predecessor.


Pudding Monsters is available in separate versions for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store, both for $0.99. There certainly are a lot worse ways to spend a dollar than getting this game for your device.


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