Learn How to Make The Most of Your iPad with Instapaper

Those who frequently use their iPhone or iPad during the working day will testify that they often come across articles are pieces which they don’t have time to read because of their working commitments. When flicking through a Twitter feed or catching up with the day’s news via on a newspaper app, maybe users come across lengthy articles that spark their interest, but are just too long to read during the hectic work day. It would be suggested that users save these pages to their ‘favorites’ for later use, but what if the long commute home means intermittent data access? Some people don’t feel comfortable using an iPad in public without a protective iPad case. What if WiFi is not accessible at work? As the saying goes: ‘There’s an app for that’. Instapaper is available on the App Store and was designed specifically for those who need an offline space to store articles or web pages they’d like to enjoy later, wherever they are.

The amount of people who use their handheld devices during the day is constantly rising as we take advantage of the networked world we live in. Innovations such as wireless keyboards and iPad keyboard cases also means that people are constantly working on the go. Instapaper means that the users who find themselves plenty of reading material during the day, can simply download their unread articles whenever they have WiFi or 3G connectivity, and then read them while they are out and about, whether they are in line at a bank, commuting on a train or even simply at home with a coffee. The guide outlines how to make the most of Instapaper’s functionality, and access content on the go.

1.      Create An Account

The Instapaper website offers free accounts to all users, and once registered, articles can be saved and read across a variety of platforms. The only information required to set up an account is an email address and a password, and once this is done, the options unlocked are vast.

2.      Start Saving

Saving articles can be done across a variety of platforms and contexts. Installing the app into an online browser on a computer means that articles accessed throughout the day during work can be synced with an iPhone or iPad to be read at another time. Many iOS apps that can be purchased from the Apple Store also have an integrated Instapaper option; these include Tweetbot, Delibar, Terminology and QuickReader among hundreds of others. Selecting the Instapaper option under a menu in these apps sends the article to the offline account for access at any time through the separate app. URLs and articles can also be accessed through email. Each Instapaper account gets a unique ‘Read Later’ email address; emailing URLs to this address means that the entire content of that webpage will be saved to an Instapaper account.

3.      Start Sharing

Like the vast majority of apps nowadays, Instapaper also features a sharing option. Articles of particular interest can be shared with friends and contacts through Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Tumblr or Evernote. This element of the app takes advantage of the main social networks and people can distribute articles of interest to those they believe might also share an interest.

Instapaper also features a subscription service for $1 per month, which unlocks a raft of extra features, including a search function and Kindle exportation for those with e-readers.

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