Next Gen iPad Mini might be coming sooner than expected

There’s no denying that Apple’s latest release has been a huge hit. The pace at which the iPad mini has been selling is enormous, outselling even the full sized 4th generation iPad. As is the case with every other successful Apple product, the rumor mills have started churning out information about the next generation iPad mini.

The biggest drawback of iPad Mini was said to be its substandard screen. The lack of Retina Display in the device was a deal breaker for most people. Plus, the availability of cheaper devices such as Kindle Fire, with better screens were one of the causes of concern for Apple.


If sources are to be believed, there’s absolutely no doubt that the next installment of iPad Mini will sport a Retina Display screen. There is of course no official confirmation of the fact that the 2nd generation iPad Mini even exists, but according to the RBC Capital Market analyst Doug Freeman, "iPad Mini Gen-2: Apple's gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with TXN gaining content."


This means the next iPad Mini might come out earlier than expected; after all, Apple launched iPad 4th generation just 8 months after releasing the 3rd generation model. The 7.9 inch tablet is already selling like hotcakes, and by releasing a new version will only improve those sales numbers.

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