Could the fifth Gen iPad be coming in March?

Japanese blog Macotakara has claimed that Apple has a fifth generation iPad lined up for a March 2013 launch, less than six months after the launch of the fourth gen iPad. It is apparently a thinner and lighter version of the bestselling iOS tablet that borrows a lot of the design ethos that has gone behind making the iPad Mini.



Apple took the unprecedented step of launching not one, but three variants of its premier iPad tablets in the year that passed. There was the third gen iPad that launched in March, just like the first and second iPads, and it made waves due to its large and gorgeous Retina display screen. Then, after a protracted saga that involved rumor mongering from every orifice of the collective organism that is the internet, Apple decided to launch a smaller, slightly cheaper version of the iPad that it dubbed the iPad 'Mini'. What came as an even bigger surprise though was the launch of a 4th gen iPad, barely half a year down the line from the previous iPad. It had a new and improved processor, but it had little else that was new to the table.


Apple may be adopting a high risk strategy with its iPad tablets. It had hitherto distinguished itself from its Android competitors on the basis of both the merits of its ecosystem and the longevity of its products before they got outdated. Periodic refreshes like this help to keep the iPad up to date with the latest advances in software and hardware, but can be a potential source of alienation for a number of consumers.

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