Apple supposedly working with Intel to build 'smart watch'

Apple rumors never cease to appear, keeping the company always in limelight. The latest rumor originated in an Asian news website, claiming that Apple is working with Intel on smart watch. This smart watch will connect to your iPhone wirelessly and enable you to perform various functions, including voice calls, on your phone.

The news was first published in a Chinese publication called, which explained that the watch will be powered by Intel, and will be released by Apple sometime in first quarter of 2013. The watch will connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 and will have a 1.5 inch OLED screen to display notifications. The screen is reportedly being manufactured by a Chinese maker of OLED displays. The name of this manufacturer is Ritek, and it’s based in Shenzhen, China. The touch sensitive screen will have an indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass layer over it.


While skepticism about this news remains high, geeks and tech enthusiasts maintain that an Apple smart watch is an obvious thing. This might be the ultimate accessory people are waiting for, which will work seamlessly with their iPhone and iPads. The concept of a smart watch is definitely not new; Sony had released an Android smartwatch which could connect to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The watch failed to generate much interest among users because of the presence of too many bugs and miserable battery backup.

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