Apple Maps leave travelers stranded

Australian travelers have been warned by Victoria Police about the Apple Maps’ inaccurate results, after several motorists became stranded in arid Murray Sunset national park. According to Victoria Police, several rescue operations had been carried out over the past few weeks, as the motorists wrongly navigated away from their intended tourist town of Mildura, following Apple Maps.


The police quoted an incident of one of the tourists who got trapped in there up to 24 hours with no food and water, a poor cell coverage, and with scorching temperatures, situation had become life threatening.


The Murray Sunset National Park is located in a far northwest region of Victoria, Approximately 40 miles away from Mildura. It’s an unexplored snake infested desert, accessible only by a car.


According to The Guardian, the local police has reported the issue to Apple, but even after Mildura’s location in Apple Maps has been rectified, refreshed information is still not available to all the users. If they punch in a route from South Australia to Mildura, it comes up with the same incorrect location.


As a suggestion, Police said that motorists should not put their complete trust into technology especially over long stretches of roads or highways. Due to poor implementation and faulty data of the mapping application, Apple has come under scrutiny once again. In September 2012, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook apologized to customers over the same and also suggested to consult similar products of their rivals, like Google and Nokia, till the issue is fixed.

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