Apple fires iOS 6 Maps chief

Apple still seems to be reeling under the pressure of the iOS 6 maps fiasco. After the unceremonious exit of Scott Forstall, who was the chief of software division at the company, Apple has decided to fire Richard Williamson as well. The decision to let Williamson go was made by Apple’s senior vice president, Eddy Cue, based on the fact that Williamson had overseen the development of Apple Maps which turned out to be a disaster. No official announcement regarding Williamson’s replacement has been made yet.

Forstall was fired for the same reason a while ago, after he refused to put his signature on the letter Tim Cook published to apologize for the inadequate maps service. The letter made it very clear that Apple acknowledges the numerous faults found in the new maps, and Tim Cook even encouraged users to make use of other third party apps for the time being. Although Apple maps added 3D flyover and turn by turn navigation features, the service has been highly criticized over the lack of accuracy in the map data. Eddy Cue is reportedly working hard to improve Apple maps. He has also been closely coordinating with TomTom to improve the accuracy of navigation data. As Tim Cook mentioned in the apology letter, the service will get better over time by collecting usage data.


There have been big changes made to the Apple executive staff, but market analysts don’t consider it a cause for concern. It’s simply a consolidation strategy, which will only strengthen Apple’s management team in the long run.

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