Apple applies trademark for leaf portion of logo, and design patent for iCloud icon

In a seemingly ridiculous move, Apple has applied for trademark for the leaf portion of its iconic logo. The application was filed through the legal firm Edwards Wildman in the European Trademark Registry on 3rd December.


Apple has been universally panned for being a patent troll, using generic and vague patents to sue other companies and subsequently subdue competition. By obtaining this trademark, Apple wants to be able to defend the leaf portion of the logo in Europe. If awarded, this trademark will cover several classes of products such as computer, footwear, educational stuff, move streaming services and jewellery. According to sources, Apple has also applied for the same trademark in China, although there has been no news if the trademark was awarded or not.


On the other hand, Apple has been awarded a design patent for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The patent covers the distinct design of the iPhone 4 and 4S, both of which have glass cover on front and back. It should be noted that this patent will not be used in the ongoing legal battle against Samsung. Apple also obtained a design patent of its iCloud icon, which features a cloud etched on a brushed aluminium plate.


It seems Apple is acting quickly to grab as many patents as possible, attracting criticism on the way.

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