Should you buy the iPad Mini?

The Apple iPad Mini has been a device that has polarized critics and customers alike. There have been plenty of murmurs of disappointment regarding its features, along with the fact that the rumors of the Mini being a 'budget' tablet have proved to be greatly exaggerated. The question that becomes crucial now is this - with the holiday season having commenced, should you buy the iPad Mini?




One review has this to say:


"The fact that the Mini is way too expensive to be called a budget tablet, and has too many flaws to be treated as a full-fledged one make it fall into a grey area in terms of pricing.

Then again, on the relative price scale of Apple products, this is on the cheaper side."


What the iPad Mini does offer is a (slightly) cheaper window into the world of Apple for consumers trying to keep their pockets from getting emptied by buying 9.7 inch iPads. All iPad apps and content are compatible with the iPad Mini, which gives it the biggest ecosystem among all tablets in the market that aren't made by Apple itself. This is a massive, massive advantage, but is tempered by the fact that this is a very expensive device, as its starting model (16 GB, only WiFi) is sold at $329. Most ~7 inch tablets in the market have tried to avoid crossing the $200-$250 price band at any cost. Apple, on the other hand, has chosen to charge its usual premium in exchange for its content ecosystem. Then again, as AnandTech's review succinctly puts it:


"....anyone exposed to the iPad 3 or 4 will be let down by the iPad mini's display. Colors aren't as accurate, black levels aren't as good and the lower pixel density does impact reading small text. These are all things you can get used to, but they are all aspects where you give up performance compared to the big iPad."



Should you get a device as flawed as the iPad Mini then? The most honest answer lies in a grey area between 'yes' and 'no'. It has its perks - its portable form factor make it a much more portable device than any iPad has ever been so far. Its battery life is still best in class, as is its content ecosystem. But this is an expensive device that has the potential to be made obsolete with its very next iteration, making it, in all honesty, a risky buy.

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