Brace yourselves, the iPhone 5S may be coming!

Apple has drawn an almost unusually high amount of flak with the launch of the 4th gen iPad. Barely half a year since the much hyped launch of the Retina display laden 3rd generation ‘new’ iPad, the latter’s prefix has become redundant within a matter of months thanks to Apple’s strange choice of doing away with its yearly upgrade cycles and bringing out an updated version of the iPad so soon. According to emerging reports from China, Apple plans to do the very same thing with the iPhone, as it has already started a ‘trial production’ of the iPhone 5S.




It’s easy to take all this with a pinch of salt, of course. The rumors that usually emerge from China tend to be unreliable at best, and are nigh on impossible to corroborate. But judging by what Apple went ahead with in the case of the iPad, it isn’t as hard  to imagine Apple taking this step as it would’ve been even a couple of months back.


Naturally, heavy price cuts beckon for the iPhone 5 when the 5S hits the market, just like the case will be with the 3rd gen and 4th gen iPads. Customers have a right to feel deceived by Apple now, and with good reason. This is a problem associated with the likes of Samsung and other Android OEMs, as they tend to have an uneven (yet prolific) output of devices that can make a product outdated within a matter of a couple of months. Apple was a brand that seemed to consciously avoid falling into that trap so far, but things may be on the verge of changing now.


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